We’re getting there! At least that’s what the creators of Double Luck Nudge Slots are claiming. With an amazing app that’s said to be ready for processing payment transactions, Leading Edge Design, in partnership with Purple Gator, really have made a breakthrough in the market.

In under a year of the Apple unveiling its Smartwatch, there have been quite a few developments in the gambling market. At this pace, by the end of this year we might have the first Apple Watch real mobile casino app. The application that’s got the closest is called Double Luck Nudge.

Double Luck Nudge is a classic slot game with 3 reels, and an unlimited number of free spins. It has a price tag, albeit very small (2.99$ at this time), but there are no in-app purchases involved. You can spin for as long as you like, and the coins will reload indefinitely. It’s what we’ve defined as a free game in one of our recent articles, in a sense that you don’t pay to spin.


Apple Watch slot game’s developers come from Chicago, and are hoping the ban on online gambling will be lifted in the United States and that their clients will be able to enjoy an app which can process payments. In the meantime, they are hoping to market their application elsewhere – the US territories where gambling is legalized, as well as the UK and other overseas territories where gambling is not prohibited. We are definitely hoping their app will find its way to the biggest sportsbooks, like Ladbrokes and William Hill, who were the first among bookies to enter the Apple Watch market. Since both companies have mobile casino in their offers, partnership with LED Gaming and Purple Gator to offer their clients the latest app is not unlikely.

In an interview for the show Bootstrapping in America, Steven DeMar of LED Gaming stated:

“I want to put slot machines on the watch…”

We sure hope that he does! The application has really made the feeling of an actual slot machine on the wrist, and the only thing missing is the real money flow. You can also “nudge” the slot machine by moving the watch around. Another great thing about Double Luck Nudge is that there are absolutely no advertisements – this means no distractions while you enjoy yourself in the highly-immersive gameplay. The game’s designed the way slots started out in land-based casinos – bars, 7s and cherries. And who doesn’t love a jackpot, with a cherry on top?

For now, the game serves as a nice pastime while on a commute, or during some free time at work or home. In the future, we are hoping it will become the first slot machine on the watch. There’s nothing wrong with practicing while we wait, so we’ve downloaded the app to play around with it a little. Who knows, we might find a special way to nudge and win every time!