The Apple Watch is becoming trendy. Only 10 years back casinos moved to mobile phones and, in the meantime, tablets. Apple is betting you will be doing everything (including betting) with a few taps on your wristwatch. Or even by using a voice command. Since online gambling will be supported by the new iWatch product, it’s time to consider how it will change the game.

  1. More focus

The Apple watch allows a user to remain within an app for an extended period of time, and since it has a smaller screen, only the key data is supplied. This is already implemented in the sports betting apps, where keeping track of live score is made a lot easier.

  1. Unique games

Have you ever tried playing Temple Run on your computer? Of course not! It makes no sense in doing that, and it’s just not as fun. We are sure the smaller screen will be a challenge for game developers, but judging by the statements from the market leader Playtech, it’s definitely a priority to conquer the new emerging market of Apple Watch gambling.

These games will probably make more sense to play on your iWatch than on any other medium. Take Counter Strike for instance – this 1st person shooter will always remain a favourite pastime of desktop computer players.

  1. Advanced features

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to use the wristwatch to track the heart rate of your opponents at the poker table? Because it can be done (it’s only a matter of time). Also, wouldn’t you love playing craps by actually shaking your wrist like you’re about to throw dice? We don’t even know all the features the iWatch may have in the near future (just compare the first iPhone to iPhone 6!), so the possibilities are incredible.

  1. Specialized graphics

The great thing about an even smaller screen, with very few options in terms of size change, is that it will have to get a specific graphics to match and feel nice. We are sure the effects will be just as mesmerising, however, it may take a few failed attempts before the designers get it right.

  1. Futuristic stuff compatibility

It is believed that the Apple Watch will be able to work with virtual reality machines as a controller. In other words, you might be able to pull a lever of the slot machine that only you are seeing, or buy a drink for some animated player sitting with you at the blackjack table and send it while checking out the hot dealer. There’s just no end to this.

  1. Maintaining customer loyalty

This one is definitely a big plus for all the casino companies, as you just can’t get away from them. The push notifications will be all over the place and not only from casinos – marketing will get a lot more aggressive. Hopefully, users will be left to decide for themselves, the kind of stuff they want to be offered.