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Real casino on your wrist is getting closer than ever

We’re getting there! At least that’s what the creators of Double Luck Nudge Slots are claiming. With an amazing app that’s said to be ready for processing payment transactions, Leading Edge Design, in partnership with Purple Gator, really have made a breakthrough in the market. In under a year of the Apple unveiling its Smartwatch, [...]

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Blackjack Card Counting App for Apple Watch

While we are still waiting for the official Apple Watch apps from the biggest mobile casinos, card counters can already purchase their own app. You don’t even need to be a professional to use it. So we’re facing a huge paradox: cheaters entered the Apple Watch market before the casinos! The biggest issue for all [...]

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Apple Watch Slots

The Apple Watch is becoming a global fashion trend. You have probably seen several people wearing it. You might already own one, so you are a part of a growing market for casinos and game providers. Considering the size of its screen, the Apple Watch is most likely to be used for playing slots, as [...]

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Apple watch OS 2 – the Apple Watch gets even cooler

On the 8th of June, technology giant Apple has decided to further the software development of the Apple Watch. Bearing in mind that “two heads are better than one”, they are going to allow 3rd party developers to build native apps for the device. The changes are expected to come during this fall. Apple has [...]

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Gambling using iWatch – how it is going to change everything

The Apple Watch is becoming trendy. Only 10 years back casinos moved to mobile phones and, in the meantime, tablets. Apple is betting you will be doing everything (including betting) with a few taps on your wristwatch. Or even by using a voice command. Since online gambling will be supported by the new iWatch product, [...]

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