While we are still waiting for the official Apple Watch apps from the biggest mobile casinos, card counters can already purchase their own app. You don’t even need to be a professional to use it. So we’re facing a huge paradox: cheaters entered the Apple Watch market before the casinos!

The biggest issue for all casinos is cheating. Let’s face it: it brings down their bottom line, and like any business, casinos feel strongly about their profits. There are many people who think they can beat casinos and count cards. At the moment, the biggest players in the mobile casino market still aren’t entering the Apple Watch market. On the other hand, card counters, and all who aspire to learn this skill, can already get an app developed by Webtopia Mobile Applications, registered in the Apple store as Poulet Maison Ptd Ltd.

The application is called Blackjack card counter professional. In an interview for CT News, its developer Travis Yates stated:

“Without the ability to test on a physical device it’s been difficult and I’ve had a number of rejections from Apple for technical reasons.”

However, the application is definitely only a few steps away from being released, and you can already download the iPhone version and test it. This app will definitely fire up the discussion on a very old topic: is card counting really a felony?

The developer of this app clearly targets people who are playing at a land-based casino, and there are a few sources stating it’s impossible to beat the software without seeing the deck being shuffled. But let’s not forget that there is live casino in mobile casinos, so if people can download an app on their watch, they can easily keep track of cards and try to beat the blackjack dealer and the house, or the casino, that way.

This application is just one in many which offer people to learn the skill of card counting on their wrist. And there are many other casino games and people have cheated while playing them from the time the games were invented. It is another risk for the big casinos which are probably looking into the potential problems of implementing their software on the Apple Watch.

While we wait for the casinos, it seems there’s another bump in the way of developing Apple Watch apps. But we definitely hope that the biggest casinos and software suppliers, with all the gaming developers working for them, can increase security to properly match these security threats.