The Apple Watch is becoming a global fashion trend. You have probably seen several people wearing it. You might already own one, so you are a part of a growing market for casinos and game providers. Considering the size of its screen, the Apple Watch is most likely to be used for playing slots, as the standard slot with three reels fits best into the screen. So we decided to do some research on what kinds of slot games are already available for Apple Watch users.

Slot games available for Apple Watch come in two main styles: paid and free to download, just like all other applications. Besides that, slot apps for Apple Watch can also be divided into:

  1. Slot apps that you can play indefinitely for free, like Watch Slots Casino by Valcour Games.
  2. Slot apps that you have to buy coins to play all the time, or wait for them to reload, like Slots Time! from Little Labs, Inc.
  3. Real money slots apps, like Thunderstruck from Microgaming.


The first category we can consider completely free, whereas the second is freemium. In the completely free slot apps for Apple Watch, you can just press reset and get your coins reloaded. And when it comes to freemium games, you can buy more coins at any given time, for a price. Slots Time! casino iWatch app also has daily tournaments where you can compete with other players. The real money slot apps for iWatch allow players to spin the reels, but the rest of the application functions, like payments and cash-outs, have to be done through an iPhone.

Having said that, there are no real money winnings or prizes involved in either kind of apple watch slot games yet. It seems we shall have to wait some more before we can actually experience a real money slot casino app for Apple Watch. It seems that the iPhone remains the predominant platform for real money gambling. But, there is a glimmer of hope: the fact that developers are making slot applications, and so many more are becoming available, means that the wide community is getting acquainted with the new platform. And in the meantime, check out the Apple Watch free slots apps that are gradually moving towards the real money model.

If you take a better look at freemium or free slot apps for Apple Watch, you’ll notice that they all have a striking resemblance to their predecessors for older platforms, in a sense that all the functions and features are there. The only thing actually missing from them is the money module, in a sense that no one has yet integrated a way to bet real money on a slot machine using the Apple Watch.

There is also the question of the money module being introduced, as the largest e-wallet operators, like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, still aren’t entering the market. Other than them, there are very few companies that could both tackle the new software while having a customer base to offer the new product to.

In conclusion, we shall have to wait for the payment processors to learn to work with the Apple Watch before we can say hello to Apple Watch real money casino slot apps. But don’t worry, as soon as they arrive, we shall let you know.