Apple Watch Apps & Casino Industry

Throughout their development, all of the products Apple marketed had one thing in common which made them even more awesome in the consumers’ eyes: the applications. We take a look at the apps development regarding Apple Watch in the world of casino and gambling, and the future trends behind it.

The world’s leader and pioneer in consumer digital technologies and the 1st company in the world by market cap, Apple, has finally released the long awaited Watch. Already dubbed by the general public as the iWatch, this product is expected to revolutionize we live, work and think, much like its predecessors – the Mac computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

This is not something that only the demand side of the market has expected – even before its release the Apple Watch was closely monitored by companies. Big players have been looking for a way to market their products and build brand awareness using this new, exciting channel. The NY Times, TripAdvisor and Expedia were among those who have built their apps even before the first iWatches were shipped to stores.

In the gambling world, sports betting apps were the first in the gambling world to get in on the money train. Ladbrokes spearheaded the initiative, introducing their betting application and exploiting the availability of the Apple Watch to change the way a user bets. The device, always attached to a user’s wrist, is even more readily accessible than the phone. This allows those who bet in-game to react within seconds and make quick adjustments or place new bets using the watch.

On the other hand, the casino companies do not share such enthusiasm. Rather, they are quite moderate in their reactions. There are some signs of interest, but there has not yet been a breakthrough in the real money market. It seems the big players in the business are still measuring the market sentiment and profitability.

At the moment, casinos, like Spin Palace, are offering players the possibility to play their slot games using the iWatch. However, this is completely free and using rechargeable coins. To play for real money, a player must switch to his/her device – iPhone, iPad or a computer. So, the casinos are seeing this as a bait-and-switch sales channel.

This is not bad. However, with regard to all the advanced possibilities the Apple Watch has, it would be very nice to employ it in a more lucrative fashion. There have already been some ideas to use its sensing capability to better casino games. For instance, the motion sensing could be used to track the shaking of the wrist and interpret it as a way to throw dice in a game of craps. The iWatch also features a pulse meter, and that would be great to add to a game of poker. Instead of seeing how much the opponent is sweating at the poker table, you could see his heart rate. Wouldn’t that be something?

There are really many new options the new Apple device brings. It is a shame the casino companies have not yet developed the products that will follow the pace of the technologies advancement. Some doubts have been expressed regarding the safety of such a channel as well, as the latest mobile casino security has to be expanded to cover both the iPhone and the iWatch.

Nevertheless, it is certain that the mobile casino market needs to keep up with Apple’s customers, as the iOS app store is traditionally a better revenue channel than the Google Play store. Apple users simply spend more. And casinos need just that. This is why we can certainly look forward to new applications rolling out from the top casinos which will support real money gambling on Apple Watch. And that’s definitely something great to look forward to!

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